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Discovery Dock
Am Kaiserkai 60
20457, Hamburg


The main attraction
in Hafencity

Experience Hamburg from unseen perspectives with six virtual reality experiences and many more attractions.

Breathtakingly realistic, fascinatingly informative – the Discovery Dock turns Hamburg into a multimedia adventure playground, a digital and interactive experience for the curious, adventurous and inquisitive.

Experience the Hamburg from unseen perspectives and dive in for up to two hours.

In short, enjoy an unforgettable time with us at the Discovery Dock.

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Look at what the Discovery Dock had to offer in the past and be excited to view various new VR-Experiences with our remodel. Meru from the Saturn magazine “Turn on” has captured for you in this video (german).

You’ve never
seen hamburg
like this before!

The Discovery Dock opens the gates to the secrets of the city

Load container ships as crane operator, experience the G20 summit as a reporter, support customs in the search for smuggled goods, enjoy a virtual concert, fly over Hamburg stand next to a container ship in a dry dock and observe the movements of the ships day and night.

Die Große Hafenrundfahrt mit Barkassen-Meyer

Our tip

Simply combine the Discovery Dock with a harbor cruise on the water – at a saving price of just 45 euros.

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progress live

Enter the new world of digital entertainment

Discover and explore the multifaceted city of Hamburg with the very latest in entertainment technology. Be inspired by the interactive, trend-setting Mixed Reality experience world that virtually brings Hamburg to life by means of state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technologies, projections, live simulations as well as sound and light effects.

Sei Fahrer einer Containerbrücke und entlade Container virtuell.

You’re the
Port Master

Your very individual Port Experience

Take the helm and decide which areas of the port you want to explore during the tour. Make the Discovery Dock your personal and unforgettable highlight.

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Seit dem 1. Mai 2022 gibt es auch im Discovery Dock keine Maskenpflicht mehr. Allerdings empfehlen wir allen Gästen und Mitarbeitenden weiterhin eine Maske zum eigenen Schutz zu tragen. Unsere Hygienemaßnahmen werden wir weiter beibehalten.